VS unio opens the research exhibition project "Movement of Spaces" by contemporary artist-philosopher Igor Shirshkov, a master of the "new formalism", which Alexander Borovsky believes is in constant search of a "living form."
His works are in the main collections of many Russian gallery collections and attract the attention of art circles.

Igor Shirshkov, as an artist, an architect, a designer, a professor and the head of a variety of personal projects, has been engaged in many contemporary art practices for years of his long and successful work. Public art: performance, actions, photo sessions, creation of non-figurative objects - all these are ways of addressing abstraction in the transfer of symbolic and symbolic installations of art.
In this exhibition project will be presented works from the artist's latest experiments in the form of installations, paintings and graphics that will be played in the exhibition space of the gallery in different pictorial and spatial expressions.
Shirshkov has several main sources for creating his own type of abstract art, which does not simply depart from the previous pictorial experience, but absorbs many new hidden meanings.

Due to the specialization of the architect, Shirshkov introduces many topological and cartographic concepts into his work, which are reflected in the title of the works "Space of the labyrinth" or "Cartography of the spiral". As a native of the Siberian city - Irkutsk, the artist often reproduces in his works the primitive images of the Neolithic period and petroglyphs, as a visual and mental sign.
Modern interpretation in Shirshkov's works is also subject to his enthusiasm for the ideas of the ritual and archaic meaning of the sign and symbol. His understanding of art is based on subtle spiritual and metaphysical searches, articulations of the sacral aspects of the fine arts.

For Igor Shirshkov important to work not only with color and line, but with the light that is manifested in his light installations from the series "Architectural abstract", where light creates additional space and is an integral part of the work "Pyramid", "Structure 17".
Professional approach of Shirshkov the optics the perception of the human eye, the spaces outside of the geometric shapes and "bioform" three-dimensional pictorial plane - gives any feeling of spatial freedom of viewer perception and borderless usual reality.

Dates: April 24 - June 16, 2018
Gallery address
: Business Quarter "ARMA", Nizhny Susalny per., 5, p. 5A, - 1 floor
Opening hours of the gallery: Tuesday - Saturday 12:00 - 20:00
Free entrance.

Exhibition dates:
April 24 2018 — June 16 2018
Gallery address:
Business Quarter "ARMA", Nizhny Susalny per., 5, p. 5A, - 1 floor
Gallery hours:
Tuesday - Saturday 12:00 - 20:00 Free entrance.