VS unio gallery is pleased to announce the return of the collective project "Friends of the Gallery" marked 2020. From the opening of this exposition back in 2017 began the tradition of an annual gathering of artists-friends of the gallery in order to present their best works over the past creative year, share vivid impressions and ideas. In 2020, the artists will be united by the theme "OPTIMISTIC TRAGEDY". This title does not conceal an attempt to modernize the play of the same name by the Soviet playwright Vs. Vishnevsky, but there is the same conflict between the spontaneous and the conscious. Fear, uncertainty and new forms of contact with the surrounding world in 2020 have surprisingly reflected in artistic activity. Even in the chaos of bleak events, creative thought does not fade away, the most piercing and daring works appear. For an unusual project, the curators have bit by bit collected their art map from original professional works of various authors. Friendship with some of them lasts for decades, with others not so long ago brought a happy accident. The geography of the origin of the masters is expanding, and the range of genres, styles, forms, subjects is also expanding. And only one, but the most important criterion remains unchanged - professionalism. According to the concept "one work from an artist", works by such masters as Konstantin Lupanov, Sergey Bryukhanov, Tengiz Shamov, Dmitry Prokopovich, Misak Cholokyan, Igor Mikhailenko, Alexander Gerasimov, Yuri German, Rivka Belareva, Andrey Ketiladze, Nino Duccio, Evgeniy Zaremba, Vladimir Lavrov, Alexander Kupalyan will be presented. This difficult year for all is finally is nearing completion. Is this not the best time to put a bright point in spite of everything through art and let the beautiful fill our lives ?! Indeed, as we know, real art is able to give us consolation in difficult moments.
Exhibition dates:
October 24 2020 — January 30 2021
Gallery address:
Business-quarter "ARMA", Nizhniy Susalny per., 5, building 5A, - 1st. floor.
Gallery hours:
Tuesday – Saturday 12:00 – 20:00
Age limit: 18+